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The new production plant will be equipped with production technology with an annual production capacity of 1200 MWh. Production technologies will be supplied by a company EXELSIOR ENGINEERING a.s.


This production technology will be located in a separate production hall with a connection to the necessary infrastructure, such as dry air production, production of active materials, and baking of ceramic separators.


Part of the building will be the preparation of active materials based on graphite nanoparticles - for the Anode and NMC (Lithium Nickel Manganite Cobalt) – for Cathode (other components of the material are production secrets).


The technological equipment needed to manufacture the active materials will be installed in separate parts of the plant. The necessary know-how will be supplied and leased by HE3DA s.r.o. This production is the elementary key to the correct setting and operation of the HE3DA® battery. The establishment is important to ensure the independence of the manufacturing plant for potential suppliers of active materials, while at the same time enabling it to better protect the know-how. The preparation of nanomaterials and its process will be controlled and tested by the quality control department.


Part of the preparation and control of nanomaterials will be our own laboratory for rapid tests and analyzes of these materials. In this laboratory, active materials will be tested and tested prior to application to their own batteries.


Production technologies with a capacity of 1.2 GWh per year will be fully flexible to produce batteries with different capacities ranging from 0.5 KWh to 50 kWh, with a voltage of 4.1 V while maintaining an annual production capacity of 1200 MWh.


Lower capacity batteries will primarily be designed for use in households and small to medium-sized industries.

Larger capacity batteries will primarily be designed for large-scale energy storage, network (grid) stabilization and frequency control over the network. The test production will start in mid-2019.

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