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Magna Energy Storage

The company Magna Energy Storage a.s. was established in May, 2017 with the aim of building a new manufacturing plant for the production of high-capacity batteries HE3DA® in the František Industrial Zone, Horní Suchá, Czech Republic with planned production launch in 2020
It is a purely Czech joint-stock company without the participation of foreign capital. The company's organization is traditional, dualistic (the Board of Directors as a statutory body and the Supervisory Board as a supervisory body).

HE3DA company has provided Magna Energy Storage a.s. rights to use their patents. Based on these patents, Magna Energy Storage a.s. is going to produce revolutionary HE3DA® 3D batteries, developed by Czech scientist and inventor Dr. Jan Procházka, which are suitable for many applications, especially energy storage.

The first fully automated pilot production line of HE3DA® 3D batteries with a production capacity of 10 MWh per year was put into operation in December 2016 in Prague - Letňany. Production technology has been tested and production processes have been set up. The lessons learned from the development of this line and the production processes used will be applied to the 1.2 GWh production technology per year. The entire manufacturing process will be maximally automated and the entire plant will operate in a three-shift operation of approximately 100 employees.


Production process and technological know-how will be provided by Exelsior Engineering a.s., which has many years of experience in the development and supply of lines for complex technological processes such as plastics recycling, plastic regranulation, filling lines, etc.

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