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HE3DA batteries successfully power the Czech polar station in Spitsbergen

HE3DA batteries, developed in 2021, have become a key power source for the Czech Polar Station in Spitsbergen. These batteries represent the first prototypes that have been specifically designed for extreme freezing conditions.

Czech polar explorers have long struggled with traditional lead-acid batteries that failed in deep freezing temperatures. Conventional lithium batteries were also reaching their limits. Eventually, HE3DA prototypes were shipped to Svalbard, where we granted the request of our Czech polar explorers. Thanks to the implementation of HE3DA technology, the problems were solved. HE3DA batteries are able to operate down to -40 °C. This experiment eventually became a series standard. Since then, mass-produced HE3DA batteries have been equipped with this technology and can operate in sub-zero temperatures down to -40 °C (they are still able to charge at -20 °C) as well as in warm tropical conditions up to 80 °C.


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