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Project M.E.S.

Magna Energy Storage (M.E.S.) is a project that responds to the increased global demand for Li-ion batteries. This increased demand is driven by the significant reduction in the cost of photovoltaic panels needed to build photovoltaic power plants, and the fact that overall there is also a shift away from traditional electricity generation (such as nuclear or fossil fuel generation) and towards renewable electricity generation (such as solar or wind power).



However, these new energy sources place increased demands on the distribution network, which is often subject to large fluctuations with the threat of blackouts. The lack of a battery to enable economic energy storage on a large scale is currently an obstacle to the further development of the energy sector and renewable energy generation.


HE3DA® technology provides a solution to this problem, which is why the M.E.S project aims to build a new plant to produce these high capacity HE3DA® batteries.



Magna Energy Storage a.s. will build the first production plant in the Industrial Zone František, Horní Suchá, Czech Republic, with a capacity of 1.2 GWh per year, and is ready to expand production further.

The key partners are EXELSIOR ENGINEERING a.s., which will provide Magna Energy Storage a.s. with the necessary technological know-how, and HE3DA s.r.o., which owns the patents and deals exclusively with research and development in the field of technology and its application in production and practice.

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