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CO2 Certification

The MES company received the Product Carbon Footprint Verification Statement (CO2 Certification) for the BTS 1.3kWh “Robusta” battery cell according to ISO 14067:2013. This is a great signal within the framework of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance), which is already playing a significant role in making it cheaper for companies to finance their development. MES is already prepared for future regulation by the EU.


Total GTH emissions (Cradle to Grave) - 73.39kgCO2eq/battery

Total GHT emissions (Cradle to Grave) - 48.93kgCO2eq/kWh of capacity

The certificate was issued on 19.3.2024

Cert ISO 14067 Magna Energy Storage a.s. 2024
Download PDF • 135KB


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