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New thin-walled battery cell manufactured on the serial production line in Horní Suchá

Another type of battery has been produced in our Magna Energy Storage manufacturing plant, which will be mass-produced. Experience from development in HE3DA laboratories in Prague was used in the production of this battery.

The battery is light, in dry condition it weighs only 7.2 kg at 1.1 kWh capacity. In the total pack, the weight capacity should reach 110 Wh/kg.

This battery is designed mainly for heavy equipment – trucks, off-road vehicles, special applications. Its charging speed meets the requirements currently imposed on electric cars.

The new battery will also be tested in racing vehicles and other applications.

The peak currents of the battery reach up to 3000 A, which means that the batteries can spin any electric motor. Continuous currents are up to 400 A. In serial connection, the voltage reaches up to 1000 V. Thin-walled batteries have both internal and external high voltage protection.

With this battery, we have achieved an optimal weight-to-speed ratio, charging and discharging.

Thanks to nanomaterials and its construction, it should have a long service life in trucks, according to simulations of at least 1.5 – 2 million km.

Already this year, we plan to produce this battery on a smaller serial production line. By the end of 2022, if all goes according to plan, production will start on a large serial production line for mass production.

This new line (third in line) will have a power output of 100 MWh per year. We already have demand from customers for its entire capacity.

The price of the battery is likely to be higher than that of the already produced Robusta type, as it is a special battery type.

In cooperation with our partners, we will present our new battery cell type next year by implementing it into a truck.

We expect the HE3DA thin-walled battery to make a positive contribution to the development of electric truck transport.

This mass-produced battery cell will be recyclable – unlike the cells used today in electric cars.


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